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  • Program Development in Expressive Therapies
  • Program Development in Biofeedback, Sound Healing, etc.,
  • Outreach and Consultation
  • Expressive Arts Certification Program
  • Continuing Education

  • Lynn Miller's Phoenixville Community Mosaic Mural Project

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    Just in case you missed
    the Millennium 2000 International Symposium!

    "Integrative Medicine, Expressive Arts Therapies & Music and Healing
    for the Millennium"

    Aug. 3-5, 2000
    Rick Lippin, MD

    David Darling
    Sr. Jean Anthony Gileno, Ph.D. MT-BC
    Norm Goldberg
    Ron Ciccone, MD
    Dan Benor, MD

    Peter Redmond, D.C.

    President of the Assoc for Integrative Medicine

    Eric B. Miller, Ph.D.,

    President of Expressive Therapy Concepts

    Peter Jampel, Ph.D.

    NCATA Chair thru 1999

    Dianne Dulicai, Ph.D., ADTR

    President of the American Dance Therapy Assoc

    Lila Weisberger

    President - National Assoc For Poetry Therapy

    Kay Roskam or Rep.

    President of the American Music Therapy A s s o c i a t i o n

    Andrew R. Hughey, Ph.D.

    President of the Am. Society for Group Psychotherapy & Psychodrama

    Marcia Rosal or rep.

    President of the American Art Therapy Assoc

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  • Many presentations!
  • Panel discussions!
  • Virtual Arts Therapies track - college credit available!
    Click for INFO: Sr. Jean Anthony Gileno, Ph.D. MT-BC - Immaculata College Music & Healing Institute (610)647-4400 x 3490
  • Continuing Education Credits

  • International Symposium '99 -
    Integrative Medicine & Expressive Arts Therapies May 26-28, 1999 at Omega
    Conference Compendium now available!

    National Conference -
    Focus: Arts Medicine 26-28, 1997
    Conference Compendium now available!


    Volunteer & Internship positions Open:

  • Marketing Agent
  • Conference Assistant
  • Continuing Education Assistant
  • Expressive Therapy Assistant

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